Belfast’s no. 1

When at the age of 14 he accidentally saw Rory Gallagher perform one of his legendary awe inspiring gigs at the Ulster Hall, Belfast, Joby was not to know that three years later he would find himself playing to a packed audience at the very same venue and  having been musically produced by two members of the Rory Gallagher backing band who where also playing that fateful night. Joby always had music running in his veins but he likes to celebrate that “fateful night”  as his inaugural journey into the world of Music.

One of the first songs Joby wrote as a teenager in war-torn Belfast would later make it to number 52 in the British Charts and number 1 in Ireland. Now 30 years later he is still doing his bit..


Joby started his career in a punky band called The Bankrobbers, under the now world famous Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations label. The band  well-known for their publicity stunts;  Most (in)famously, printed £50 notes with their logo on it. This little prank would later have them arrested, airlifted and taken to court in London on charges of counterfeiting and forgery. After appearring on Channel 4’s  music weekly The Tube, Joby moved to London and the band was signed to EMI in 1983. They released two singles – Jenny and Dear Miss Problem Page. The band were badly handled by EMI and after a year with flagging morale they where droped by the company and the band moved back to Belfast and subsequently split.

Energy Orchard, 5 album’s deal

After The Bankrobbers in 1985 Joby went to London again to focus on his musical career. He formed Energy Orchard and managed to land them a 5 albums deal with MCA in 1988.
It was Energy Orchard’s first single ‘Belfast’, written by Fox that really kicked off the band’s career. They worked hard and toured the first album “Energy Orchard” extensively in UK, Europe and North America over 3 years till Joby eventually left the band in 1991. Exhausted and citing a serious lack of creative engagement within the band as his reason for departing a band he  said he had “given his all to”.

A New Episode

Away from the Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle and back in Belfast once again Joby embarked on a new episode of his musical career; Exploring new ways of expressing himself; Learning new skills in sound and pursuing his songwriting. He dabbled in the electronic genre, releasing a track for Sony called She’s Like an Angel on The Sound of the Irish Underground album.

Over the years Joby has worked with a variety of artist from Steve Earle to Lee “Scratch” Perry, as well as a number of top producers like Mick Glossop and John Brand.

Moving on

Joby is currently launching  his singer songwriter persona in 2011, Releasing his first tracks of his forthcoming Album, The End of the War.

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  1. Fintan Convery Says:

    Joby, it was great to meet and talk with you in the Culturlann today (Wed 2nd May) and hopefully I’ll be able to get to your gig and video-launch on this (glorious) 12th May. Have a ball, Fintan.

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