I love you Free track

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2 Responses to “I love you Free track”

  1. Kelley J Says:

    Hiya, I wrote to get the mp3 of I Love You and was given a link to a quicktime movie that is the song. I can’t save it. I heard the song on Eclectic Max with Sheldon a few months ago when he put together an Irish Invasion program featuring you, Mama Kaz band, Hetty Bryce-Lane, Jed McConkey and Privado, to name a few. I’d really like to add “I Love You” to my very diverse music library, but I can’t with the link I have…
    Thanks for any help,

  2. Dominick Says:

    I sent this song/video from youtube to my girlfriend and within 5 min. she called me balling her eyes out saying I can’t believe how beautiful this song is.
    Thanks for the tune

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