This is a musical journey – and one very brilliantly strung together – but, it isn’t just that; It is an artistic and personal statement from singer songwriter and war veteran of the music industry, Joby Fox. The thing is, he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. It is here. Take it, if you can, and if you do, there is no doubt that you will enjoy it and find something of yourself in the words and melodies. His music draws from folk, country and western, punk and pop, and Irish traditional.

Joby’s album is self-produced and self-financed with help from online crowdfunding. Generous people from across Europe and as far as Canada who saw the value and potential of the project have pitched in to secure the last stage of the process. Not only does the music reflect a journey, but the creation of it was indeed a journey in itself.

The album is a play on my personal growth and the conflict which raged around me in my youth. I hope it provokes some thoughts around the subject… Conflicts don’t always occur in the outside world, but also occur internally. We don’t always know what is right and we struggle for the answer that, sometimes, just isn’t there.”

On this journey with him has been his co-conspirator, artist and cultural entrepreneur, Sophie Rasmussen, originally from Denmark. Along side the album they have developed an idea of Fox’s which led to the production of the short film Lost Commandos – This film is like a never-ending cycle; Entrapment in a situation of which you are not the master, caught in a mindset. Where End of the War offers a resolution; a positive ending, Lost Commandos does the opposite. Together they offer a reflection on the many complexities of conflicts.

Both the album and film, released under their joint artistic banner of SOJO, are a comment and tribute to life, love, war and peace and all the strange scenarios that humanity dishes up. It is about the absurd situations we can all wind up in – unwillingly and willingly.

This work, masterly written by Fox, will in years to come be a defining piece of the times we live in now – a cathartic experience for us, and one of hope and inspiration for future generations.

Fox’s musical heritage, enourmous energy and professionalism is carried through from his Good Vibrations teen-band The Bankrobbers in ’79-’81 to the international fame of Energy Orchard, of which he was the main catalyst. He penned their hit single Belfast. This song has for many of his generation become the unoffical anthem of his hometown, and Terri Hooley’s favourite song.

The single of the album, I Love You is available through the online launch from 1st Feb 2012.

End of the War is available for download from the usual online stores from 1st March. The cd can be bought from www.jobyfox.com. Lost Commandos will be released with the launch of the album tour in May 2012.

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