Directing “Lost Commandos”

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I had this idea 5 or so years ago for a short film called “Lost Commandos”. It was an idea I just could not let go of.  It’s a story about four commandos lost on a mission in Belfast. The idea is that they get lost and then end up back to the place where they started out from. Yes, that is it. Sounds familiar?

There is a twist though, but you will just have to come along and see it when it gets out there.

Imagine four commandos with AK47s running around some of the most politically sensitive locations in Belfast, like Stormont, the Shankill Rd, The Falls.

How did we get away with it? I hear you ask. Well, good planning and a brass neck. Sophie is the master when it comes to planning. She had to clear all the locations and have a police escort with us at all times. The actors were all stoked when they got the parts, though as we came close to the three-day-shoot the emails started coming in to the office: ” Hey have you told the police were going to be running around with Ak47s?” Signed Yours, a bit concerned. Self preservation is a strong instinct, we think…

See the trailer here

Joby Fox

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  1. Wayne FInamore Says:

    Well done Joby.

    Cuz from Canada.

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