Community Relations Week 2014

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This is the ‘End of the War’ for songwriter Joby Fox

29th May 2014


Long-standing and renowned artist, singer/songwriter and short film maker, Joby Fox will be performing during the Community Relations Week ‘Building a United Community’ in Holywood Family Trust, Holywood, 17th June 2014, Marquis Hall, Bangor, 18th June, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, 19th June, and in Square Box, Ranfurly House, Dungannon on 20th June.

Using poetic visuals to set the mood, this renowened artist will be stripped down to a powerful and intimate acoustic performance. Joby will also screen his short film “Lost Commandos”; A rare opportunity to see this thought-provoking production – the film, in a strange twist, portrays the difficulties of identity and moving on after a conflict.


This year has seen Joby opening the UN’s Peace and Arts Festival in Hong Kong. His short film was screened in New York recently ad last year he re-released his first hit ‘Belfast’ to encourage a possitive outlook following recent controversies in his hometown.

Joby’s show deals with the realities of coming face to face with yourself, in the meeting between inner conflict and a troubled society. Joby challenges his audience to travel inside the soul to discover who we really are, and the audience is encouraged to take part in a discussion after the show.

The songs on offer are high on melody and fuelled with human emotion, resulting in each one carrying a powerful, social and political message while at the same time being beautifully wrapped up for mass consumption like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” (John Kearns, music critic)

Fox’s musical heritage and enourmous energy are carried through right from his days with the Good Vibrations teen-band ‘The Bankrobbers’ in ’79-’81, to the international fame of Energy Orchard, of which he was the main catalyst. He penned their UK chart hit single ‘Belfast’. This song has for many of his generation become the unoffical anthem of his hometown, and Terri Hooley’s favourite song.

Jacqueline Irwin, CRC’s Chief Executive, says: “Building a united community is as urgent now as it was when the peace agreement was signed in 1998. We have plenty of examples of our capacity to slip back into animosity and old ways of thinking. There is no room for complacency. Community Relations Week is always an opportunity to showcase the great work that goes on quietly all year round to build and sustain relationships. It is a time to celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community and the many imaginative ways in which we are building a shared cultural region. We are grateful to everyone who is organising or attending events during the week. Your personal commitment to good community relations is changing this place. Your energy and enthusiasm is the fabric of our peace.”


Sophie Rasmussen

SOJO Music & Film

c/o: King Street Arts

48 King St



Ph: 07795115132

UNESCO ‘Arts for Peace’

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Performing at the opening ceremony of UNESCO’s International ‘Arts for Peace’ Festival in May 2014 in Hong Kong, and a frequent contributor to the Irish Echo’s annual ‘New York New Belfast’ conference, Joby is one of a kind; the authentic voice from a ‘new’ Belfast. Based on his experiences growing up in West Belfast in the darkest days, his work reflects the journey to a more peaceful mindset.
Joby has in the past year been involved in the discourse on reconcilliation and identity in Northern Ireland, using his music and film to engage and spark dialogue, often with people who can otherwise be difficult to reach. He has travelled as far as the Golan Heights with his End of the War show. Joby has appeared live on BBC’s current affairs show The Nolan Show and has written for the renowned political correspondent Eamonn Mallie’s blog.

Press Release, 21st April 2014:

Northern Ireland still shines a light for peace and hope

Joby Fox will be representing that spirit at UNESCO’s international Arts & Peace Festival in Hong Kong, 4th May.

Joby has been invited by the UN to perform at the opening ceremony of the frist International Arts for Peace Festival. The event is part of UNESCO’s International Arts Education Week, and a two-month long festival celebration of the valuable role the arts play in peacebuiling.

“A lot of people still look at this part of the world as a success story bringing about a peaceful settlement to the recent conflict, but we all know that there are still unresolved issues, such as trauma, and the thorny issue of reconcilliation. My show talks about identity and the conflict from a purely human point of view.”

Joby’s End of the War show was launched two years ago in Stormont and has travelled extensively since, to Europe, America and as far as the Golan Heights on the Syrian border. The show is about reconcilliation and coming to terms with both inner and outer conflicts.

The festival brings together peacebuilders, artists and researchers from across the world. It builds on the “Peace for All” vision to foster an awareness of peace and education through the powerful processes and practices of the arts.


Dungannon Good Relations event

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An Evening of Music & Film with Singer/Songwriter Joby Fox

Wednesday 13th November, 7.30pm

Tickets: FREE Admission – BOOKING ESSENTIAL 028 8772 8600

Long-standing and renowned artist, singer/songwriter and

short film maker, Joby Fox will be performing in the Square


This is a great opportunity to see Joby stripped down to

a powerful and intimate acoustic performance. As part of the show

he will be screening his short film ‘Lost Commandos’.

Last year Joby launched both a short film and an album, which now

forms part of his End of the War show. It is an acoustic and intimate

version of this music and visual show that Joby is bringing with him

to Ranfurly House in Dungannon. It was launched from

Stormont and debuted at the Belfast Festival at Queen’s.

The event will finish with a Q&A about how the work was created,

and how it can open up a debate about reconcilliation with ourselves

and each other and how we might move forward.

The event is sponsored by OFMDFM

‘Belfast’ re-released DONATIONS

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‘Belfast’ will be rereleased in a new version with a new third verse on 24th  Sept 2013. All profits from donwloads will go to my favourite charities in Belfast – ClicSargent and Wave Trauma Centre. Please follow the link below to buy the download – and please be generous.

Joby Fox, Belfast-based singer/songwriter and film maker is releasing a new version of his former hit ‘Belfast’, on 24th September 2013, at the Europa Hotel, Belfast. The song has for many become an unofficial anthem for the city. First written in 1979, and now rerecorded 34 years later with a new verse. Reaching back to that 17 year-old boy, Joby Fox is now reflecting on his own journey and that of his city.

“I recall meeting the son of a reverend from the Shankill Road through the local music scene back in the 1970s. We formed a friendship that has lasted till this day. Belfast was a polarised city; you were either or in those days. Today thankfully, most people that I know have transcended the labels that they were given or had taken on.”

34 years later Joby has now rerecorded ‘Belfast’ with a new third verse. “We have come a long way together” he writes.

Joby says, “The ‘flag issue’ had just kicked off and it seemed that we needed to be reminded, that ‘we have come a long way together’. The only way we are going to find peace is together. We have shared the same dark space for so long. Only we know the blinding truth and what it takes to move on.”

When he wrote the first lines of ‘Belfast’ Joby Fox was, as he proclaims, a 17 year-old West Belfast corner boy, but also a bass player in a new wave /punky band called ‘The Bankrobbers’. On his way home one night from his girl friend’s he passed a riot which had just been dispersed and the smoke of sulphur from rubber bullets fire was still hanging in the air. “Belfast, you are like heaven, you are like hell” he thought. When he got home that night he wrote ‘Belfast’.

10 years later it got to number 52 in the British charts and number 1 in Ireland with his 90’s band “Energy Orchard.”

‘Belfast’ is available from All the profits from the online download sales fittingly go to the registered charities Wave Trauma Centre and Clic Sargent.

Feile an Phobail 2013

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Local boy done good Joby Fox supporting Damian Dempsey at Feile an Phobail 10th Aug 2013.

For Joby Fox this is a kind of homecoming as he was one of the first musicians to play at the inaugural Feile an Phobail / West Belfast Festival in 1988. As it is the 25th anniversary of the festival it is fitting that he should be performing at the festival. Joby is looking forward to putting on a special show for the community in West Belfast.

Singer/songwriter and filmmaker Joby Fox launched his ‘End of the War’ project in 2012. The album comprises beautifully crafted tracks and soundscapes that reflect on life, love and the complexities of inner and outer conflicts.

“The songs on offer are high on melody and fuelled with human emotion, resulting in each one carrying a powerful, social and political message while at the same time being beautifully wrapped up for mass consumption like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” (John Kearns, The Irish News)

Tickets for the event are £10 and available online from the festival box office

Cities of Memory – Identity & Places

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I’m delighted that the End of the War show is part of the Cities of Memory conference at Brian Friel Theatre, Queen’s University. The event is also part of the Identity & Places programme that started in early March with Maj Hasager’s ‘Past Upon Past’ exhibition in Red Barn Gallery.

The show at Cities of Memory conference is on Thursday 4th April and starts at 9pm. Free Admission.


The Black Box 8th Feb

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End of the War show at the Black Box in Belfast – Fri 8th Feb, 8pm – £8.5

Support by Antoin Glackin

Tickets available from the Black Box box office – 02890 244400


An intimate gig with Joby and his JWE Band – a rootsy, folky, jazzy crew of fantastic local musicians. Using poetic visuals to set the mood, Joby will also screen his short film ‘Lost Commandos’; A rare opportunity to see this thought-provoking production. The End of the War show was successfully launched last year. The album and the short film was met with much critical acclaim The single of the album “I Love You” was one of the most radio requested songs up and down the length of Ireland  An artist of long standing, Joby has wasted no time and is back in the studio writing and recording.

Joby’s show deals with the realities of coming face to face with yourself. In the meeting between inner personal conflict and a troubled society in which he grew up. Joby challenges his audience to travel inside on a jorney into the sou to discover we are much more than the labels we are given.

Antoin Glackin will support Joby on the night

Belfast Festival at the QFT 29th Oct

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October Newsletter

Things are picking up for the Autumn and I am thankfully being distracted from the cold rain by a busy schedule. In the past few weeks I have started re-recording ‘Belfast’, the first song I ever wrote and made famous by Energy Orchard. I have added a third verse, not so much as a conclusion, but a comment on the three decades that have passed in our city – and my life.  Keep an eye out over the coming month…

The first End of the War show in its complete format will be  shown in the Queen’s Film Theatre on 29th Oct as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s. I am especially excited about this show as it is taking place in an actual cinema with a full live band, and our Lost Commandos short film will be shown on the big screen too. This will be a very very special evening for me also because I get to introduce my favourite film of all time ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ after the live show. End of the War was inspired by Sergio Leone’s work and indeed the music by Ennio Morricone. The two shows are inextricably linked so if you can, try and come along for both. If you are interested it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance as there are limited seats in the theatre. (£6.20/£5 through the QFT’s box office)

Finishing off the season will be our Soulful Saturday at Cafe Hero, Royal Avenue, Belfast during Music Week, Saturday 10th Nov, 1pm-2pm. My label SOJO Music & Film is taking over the cafe for the afternoon to let lose the top talent and beautiful, powerful voices of MamaKaz and Ria Maguire. I will join them also for a short set.


Check out the show in the Provoke section in the Belfast Festival at Queen’s programme:

“This unique music and film project interweaves Joby Fox’s (The Bankrobbers, Energy Orchard) songs, soundscapes, and the short film, Lost Commandos, into a memorable immersive experience.

Realised in collaboration with local film talents and partially shot on the Stormont Estate, Lost Commandos is an eerie and gritty urban story about four commandos caught in a (mind)trap.

End of the War Show is a reflection on the complexity of inner and outer conflicts and the possibility of transformation – not from a political but a humanitarian point of view.

Specially chosen by Joby Fox to accompany The End of the War Show Fistful of Dynamite AKA Duck You Sucker, Sergio Leone’s explosive spaghetti (or should that be chilli?) western, sees James Coburn as Sean Mallory, an IRA explosives expert on the run from the British government in Mexico.

Befriended by bandit leader Juan Miranda who sees Mallory’s skills with explosives, Juan asks Sean to join his gang and help raid a bank but before long both men are caught up in the Mexican revolution.”

Great launch in Parliament Buildings

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Our launch in Parliament Buildings on 3rd May went very well. Our first release through SOJO – both film and album – and we could’t have wished for a better start to our venture. Thanks to everybody who made it down – and made our day! And thanks to our amazing crew; Kaz, Graham and Damian.

Now we are putting the finishing touches to the show in Culturlann, Belfast on Sat 12th May 2012, 8-10pm. Tickets are £5 through Mama Kaz is supporting me and we are also showing Lost Commandos (6mins) as part of the visuals.

Photos by Jim Corr

Stormont Launch

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I am so delighted to launch my album End of the War and short film Lost Commandos on Thursday 3rd May, 12.30 – and in no other place than the Long Gallery in Parliament Buildings (Stormont).
If you would like to support me as an independent artist you can purchase the album HERE.

About End of the War & Lost Commandos:

End of the War is Fox’s artistic expression of his personal internal conflict growing up in the Troubles. It is a music and film project comprising  seven beautifully interwoven tracks of songs and soundscapes, and a short film, Lost Commandos. The film was realised in collaboration with local and international film talents and parts of it was shot on Stormont Estate.


The songs on offer are high on melody and fuelled with human emotion… carrying a powerful social and political message … beautifully wrapped like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” John Kearns, The Irish News

“The album is a play on my personal growth and ‘The Troubles’ which raged around me in my youth. Conflicts don’t always occur in the outside world, they also occur internally. We don’t always know what is right and we struggle for the answers that sometimes ‘just aren’t there’ – and that led me on a journey into the soul.”

Sophie Rasmussen, artist and cultural entrepreneur originally from Denmark, has worked with Fox on the visual part of the project. Along side the album they developed an idea of Fox’s which led to the production of the short film Lost Commandos. The film explores a never-ending cycle of violence; an eerie and gritty urban story about four front-line combatants caught in a (mind)trap. Where End of the War offers a resolution – a positive ending, Lost Commandos does the opposite. Together they are a reflection on the many complexities of conflicts.

Joby’s album and film are mainly self-financed with some help from online crowdfunding. Generous people from across Europe and as far as Canada pitched in to secure the last stage of the process. Not only does the music reflect a journey, but the creation of it was indeed a journey in itself.


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