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11th July 2012 – review of End of the War:

“Belfast’s Joby Fox has been at this game for over thirty years now, beginning with post-punk act the Bankrobbers, then onto some stadium-sized rock and blues with Energy Orchard. These days he’s busy with his own solo work, and End of the War is a record that I can tell he is pretty content and pleased to have delivered. And so he should…” READ MORE

7th July 2012 – Interview by Maureen Coleman, Belfast Telegraph:

Music helped me fight back from dark days – “Growing up in Belfast during the Troubles was particularly traumatic for Joby Fox, having witnessed killings and been subjected to a brutal IRA beating. The singer songwriter talks to Maureen Coleman about refusing to be a ‘victim’, finding love and how he has finally put his demons to rest…”

May 2012 – Al Gilmore’s review of End of the War on

‘End of the War’ is a fine example of the singer/songwriter genre and more besides. The music itself is beautifully crafted and expertly produced. The production is crisp and clear with the mix between the instruments and Fox’s raspy ‘live in’ voice is perfect. The album opens with a lilting simple contemporary folk song ‘Insane Asylum’, and has a lullaby feel to it despite the title. The next ‘proper’ song is ‘R&L’ (Republican & Loyalist). This is the stand out track … READ MORE

30th April 2012 – Tammy Moore’s review of Lost Commandos for Culture Northern Ireland:

Joby Fox and the Lost Commandos – “The singer-songwriter has turned his hand to film-making, but fans shouldn’t despair – he is still making music. For one of Belfast’s original punks Joby Fox, former bassist with Energy Orchard, is surprisingly laid-back. The ginger-bearded songwriter grumbles sympathetically about traffic wardens and chats admiringly about Belfast musicians Silhouette, Mama Kaz and Window Seats.” …READ MORE

27th April 2012 – Gavin Martin’s review in The Daily Mirror:

Four stars – “An underground Belfast figure for 30 years, Fox’s early Bankrobbers and Energy Orchard tunes shone. Those writing skills have advanced on this long-brewing solo debut – a deftly arranged, richly rewarding look at his hometown after the conflict.”

11th FEB 2012 – John Kearns’ review of I Love You in The Irish News:

Fox Love – One of Northern Ireland’s local shining lights, Joby Fox has released his exquisite romantic ballad – I Love You, to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.. The song is highly melodic and its strength lies in its uncluttered and direct approach – both lyrically and musically. Joby is no stranger to a microphone or guitar and it would seem that his experience and maturity are combined to create the best material of his career. He has been part of … READ MORE

11th FEB 2012 – Article in Andersonstown News:

Joby’s all loved-up for Valentine’s – New single is released just ahead of his new album. What do you do if you think your long-awaited soulmate has just passed you in the street? Do you seize the moment? Or do you remain mute, never to know where your impulse may take you? West Belfast artist and singer/songwriter Joby Fox grasped his opportunity and much like the classic 1950s movie The Quiet Man – in which John Wayne had trouble conveying his feeling to Maureen O’Hara – love won through in the end. Joby releases the single ‘I Love You’ from his eagerly awaited… READ MORE


This is a musical journey – and one very brilliantly strung together – but, it isn’t just that; It is an artistic and personal statement from singer songwriter and war veteran of the music industry, Joby Fox. The thing is, he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. It is here. Take it, if you can, and if you do, there is no doubt that you will enjoy it and find something of yourself in the words and melodies. His music draws from folk, country and western, punk and pop, and Irish traditional. … READ MORE

 22nd JULY 2011 – REVIEW IN THE IRISH NEWS by John Kearns:

FOX NEWS – BELFAST musical maestro Joby Fox has delivered a seriously striking EP called End of the War. Joby has been a respected figure on both the local and international music scene for years now and thankfully still possesses the same lyrical passion and musical edge that made him pick up a guitar or indeed a pen in the first place. The EP contains a trio of original ( and I mean original) songs that incorporate everything from beautifully delicate piano and jazzy brass arrangements to sampled dialogue and exquisite… READ MORE

FEB 2010 – Joby Fox interviewed for Culture NI. Follow the link to the article and podcast:

28th FEB 2010: REVIEW IN THE SUNDAY WORLD by Ivan Martin:

Joby makes the system go his way – Being happy is No 1 for singer. Joby Fox has had a life-long love/hate releationship with the music business. The music bit was easy. The business was always a hassle. Joby will be playing at The Black Box on Wednesday as part of Feile an Phobail. He has had a long career in music starting 30 years ago as a bass player in The Bankrobbers. Later he moved on to form Energy Orchard and wrote their only significant UK hit ‘Belfast’. By the time Energy Orchard… READ MORE




‘End of the War’ is a fine example of the singer/songwriter genre and more besides. The music itself is beautifully crafted and expertly produced. The production is crisp and clear with the mix between the instruments and Fox’s raspy ‘lived in’ voice is perfect.

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