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Belfast Festival at the QFT 29th Oct

October Newsletter

Things are picking up for the Autumn and I am thankfully being distracted from the cold rain by a busy schedule. In the past few weeks I have started re-recording ‘Belfast’, the first song I ever wrote and made famous by Energy Orchard. I have added a third verse, not so much as a conclusion, but a comment on the three decades that have passed in our city – and my life. Keep an eye out over the coming month…

The first End of the War show in its complete format will be shown in the Queen’s Film Theatre on 29th Oct as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s. I am especially excited about this show as it is taking place in an actual cinema with a full live band, and our Lost Commandos short film will be shown on the big screen too. This will be a very very special evening for me also because I get to introduce my favourite film of all time ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ after the live show. End of the War was inspired by Sergio Leone’s work and indeed the music by Ennio Morricone. The two shows are inextricably linked so if you can, try and come along for both. If you are interested it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance as there are limited seats in the theatre. (£6.20/£5 through the QFT’s box office)

Finishing off the season will be our Soulful Saturday at Cafe Hero, Royal Avenue, Belfast during Music Week, Saturday 10th Nov, 1pm-2pm. My label SOJO Music & Film is taking over the cafe for the afternoon to let lose the top talent and beautiful, powerful voices of MamaKaz and Ria Maguire. I will join them also for a short set.

Check out the show in the Provoke section in the Belfast Festival at Queen’s programme:

“This unique music and film project interweaves Joby Fox’s (The Bankrobbers, Energy Orchard) songs, soundscapes, and the short film, Lost Commandos, into a memorable immersive experience.

Realised in collaboration with local film talents and partially shot on the Stormont Estate, Lost Commandos is an eerie and gritty urban story about four commandos caught in a (mind)trap.

End of the War Show is a reflection on the complexity of inner and outer conflicts and the possibility of transformation – not from a political but a humanitarian point of view.

Specially chosen by Joby Fox to accompany The End of the War Show Fistful of Dynamite AKA Duck You Sucker, Sergio Leone’s explosive spaghetti (or should that be chilli?) western, sees James Coburn as Sean Mallory, an IRA explosives expert on the run from the British government in Mexico.

Befriended by bandit leader Juan Miranda who sees Mallory’s skills with explosives, Juan asks Sean to join his gang and help raid a bank but before long both men are caught up in the Mexican revolution.”

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