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State of Emergency using ‘I Love You’ for international dance production

I met Steve Marshall and Debbie Baddoo when I lived in London in the Energy Orchard days in 1987. They lived across the road from us in Stanford Hill, North London. There was a kind of a crazy connection between a lot of different artists. I lost touch with Steve up until about 7 years ago. Social media brought us together again. Within a couple of hours of reconnecting we started writing songs together, swapping different ideas. He’s been over here gigging in the last few years, and I’ve been over there working and recording with him. He is an excellent songwriter. In an other guise he is an engineer and producer with Lee Scratch Perry and Keith Richards, and people like that. He also creates international music and dance productions with his wife Deborah Baddoo. In their recent production, Where Is Home? which spans across South Africa, USA and UK, they has used my track ‘I Love You’. Fantastic!

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