EP RELEASE: This World Is Crazy

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This World Is Crazy… I think we might all agree on occasionally, perhaps more so currently. It just so happens to be the title of the EP and the latest single from songwriter and humanitarian Joby Fox.

This World Is Crazy, 5-track EP is on release Monday 20th April 2020.

Joby decided to plough on with the release of This World Is Crazy despite difficulties. From his ‘lockdown hide-away’ in Denmark he has kept on performing online while all concerts obviously are cancelled.

The release gig is on Sunday 19th April, 8pm - needless to say, online via

A big thanks to Gerry Gleason one of our finest artists, for allowing us to use his great work 'Voyage of Dreams' for the cover of the EP. He is an artist that Joby admires greatly.

Supporting independent artists is a good thing. We have decided to release Joby’s 5-track EP This World Is Crazy via his website