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EP RELEASE: This World Is Crazy

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This World Is Crazy… I think we might all agree on occasionally, perhaps more so currently. It just so happens to be the title of the EP and the latest single from songwriter and humanitarian Joby Fox.

This World Is Crazy, 5-track EP is on release Monday 20th April 2020.

Joby decided to plough on with the release of This World Is Crazy despite difficulties. From his ‘lockdown hide-away’ in Denmark he has kept on performing online while all concerts obviously are cancelled.

The release gig is on Sunday 19th April, 8pm - needless to say, online via

A big thanks to Gerry Gleason one of our finest artists, for allowing us to use his great work 'Voyage of Dreams' for the cover of the EP. He is an artist that Joby admires greatly.

Supporting independent artists is a good thing. We have decided to release Joby’s 5-track EP This World Is Crazy via his website only where you can listen for free and download for £5.

There’s a fitting message in this song - and only any good if it is shared, really..



Sophie Rasmussen

SOJO Music

King Street Arts

0044 7795115132


Joby Fox has created a soul-full masterpiece, the EP This World Is Crazy which is on release April 2020, to follow his Woodstock EP and the beautiful and hard-hitting End of the War album. The latest songs were created as a response to becoming a father again in the midst of a world, which seems to have gone mad. The songs were put together during a stay in the Byrdcliffe Art Colony in the mountains above Woodstock, New York. Holding his beautiful baby boy in his arms safely at home in between working on the beach in Lesbos saving lives of refugees sparked a shocking roller-coaster ride with highs and lows. The song This World Is Crazy was directly born out of this - remembering what life is really all about, and reflecting on our own journeys in life. The renowned Belfast artist Gerry Gleason gave Joby the perfect image for the cover of the EP, the painting Voyage of Dreams.


Joby Fox is a native of Belfast and a songwriter, scriptwriter, composer, producer and performer. An authentic artistic voice of his hometown, and a humanitarian activist his career stretches 40 years as an artist, creative, humanitarian and entrepreneur. He has worked with many artists, from Steve Earle to Lee Scratch Perry among many.

Joby is a diverse international artist with his roots firmly in Irish soil, drawing from his roots and fusing with contemporary styles. He has been involved in great international and local initiatives both as an artist and as an activist for peace, using his art to pave the way for difficult conversations.

“The songs on offer are high on melody and fuelled with human emotion, resulting in each one carrying a powerful, social and political message while at the same time being beautifully wrapped up for mass consumption like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” (John Kearns, The Irish News)

Joby has branched out to include film as a medium for his stories. He created the End of the War music and film show which included the short film Lost Commandos. The show toured from New York to the Golan Heights, and saw him opening the United Nations International Peace Festival in Hong Kong in 2014. He has just finished his first feature-length film script, ‘Mohammed Mochara’ - a social-political comment merging the Northern Irish conflict with current global politics.

In 2016 he was musical director of the Orchestre des Refugies et Amis fusing his contemporary Irish songwriting with global roots music. In 2017 he received an Aisling Award in Northern Ireland for his outstanding contribution to music and for his humanitarian work through the international NGO he founded in 2015, Refugee Rescue based in Lesvos, Greece.

He has a long history in music from the Punk era with The Bankrobbers, mentored by Rory Gallagher’s band, to UK chart topping with the Celtic rock band Energy Orchard, and to his solo career as a crafty writer, composer and performer. He has been signed to EMI and MCA. Today he is an independent artist.

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