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Joby Fox is an international artist, veteran songwriter and musician originally from Belfast . Joby is known as an authentic artistic voice of his hometown, and as a humanitarian, both home and abroad; a diverse artist living between Ireland and Denmark with his roots firmly in Irish soil, interpreting his culture in new ways through international collaborations.

Joby has a long history in music from the Punk era with The Bankrobbers, mentored by Rory Gallagher Band, to UK/Ireland chart topping with his Celtic rock band Energy Orchard, and to his solo career as a crafty writer and performer.


About the song:


Falling started off with a basic chord progression, and to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to make the cut till I began to sing the word “falling”. I started to get an emotional connection to it. I wrote the song in early 2020, and at a time when I was trying to process my involvement in the refugee crisis and the terrible treatment of people who have already suffered untold pain and upheaval in their lives. I underestimated the profound effect it had on my life being in that environment. The song is about the healing effect of being in a loving and supportive relationship.

Joby’s latest album I Once Was a Hawk But Now I’m a Dove is out on Dimple Discs label in Ireland, Uk and North America on 6th Oct 2023. It is already getting fantastic reviews:

 “He has always been an emotional artist, but this is exceptional work .. with a brooding power that’s akin to Christy Moore and Van Morrison.” (STUART BAILLIE)

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Writer: Joby Fox

Publisher: SOJO Music

Label & distribution: Dimple Discs

Producers: Søren Mikkelsen (Medley Studios Copenhagen) and Joby Fox

Musicians: Vocal & guitar: Joby Fox; Piano: Nikolaj Svaneborg; Electric guitar: Søren Nissum; Bass: Mark Kuhn; Drums: Aske Stubkjær Madsen; Backing vocals: Freja Underbjerg Wurtz

Recorded in Hideout Studios, Aalborg, Denmark

Mixed and mastered by Søren Mikkelsen in Medley Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cover art: Sophie Rasmussen


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