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STRONGER out 12.05.23

Joby Fox is a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and a songwriter, storyteller and performer. Joby is known as an authentic artistic voice of his hometown, and as a humanitarian, both home and abroad; a diverse artist living between Ireland and Denmark with his roots firmly in Irish soil, interpreting his culture in new ways through international collaborations.


STRONGER was recorded in Denmark. Søren Mikkelsen from the renowned Medley Studio in Copenhagen produced and mixed it. Joby and Søren continue to enjoy an explorative and creative partnership where they mix their many different cultural influences - the best of both worlds!


Joby has a long history in music from the Punk era with The Bankrobbers, mentored by Rory Gallagher Band, to UK/Ireland chart topping with his Celtic rock band Energy Orchard, and to his solo career as a crafty writer and performer.

Joby’s latest album I Once Was a Hawk But Now I’m a Dove which out early 2023, is already getting fantastic reviews:

 “He has always been an emotional artist, but this is exceptional work .. with a brooding power that’s akin to Christy Moore and Van Morrison.” (STUART BAILLIE)

“... beautifully wrapped up for mass consumption, like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” (JOHN KEARNS)

STRONGER Joby FoxJoby Fox
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