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Stormont Launch

I am so delighted to launch my album End of the War and short film Lost Commandos on Thursday 3rd May, 12.30 – and in no other place than the Long Gallery in Parliament Buildings (Stormont).

If you would like to support me as an independent artist you can purchase the album HERE.

About End of the War & Lost Commandos:

End of the War is Fox’s artistic expression of his personal internal conflict growing up in the Troubles. It is a music and film project comprising seven beautifully interwoven tracks of songs and soundscapes, and a short film, Lost Commandos. The film was realised in collaboration with local and international film talents and parts of it was shot on Stormont Estate.

“The songs on offer are high on melody and fuelled with human emotion… carrying a powerful social and political message … beautifully wrapped like an iron fist in a velvet glove.” John Kearns, The Irish News

“The album is a play on my personal growth and ‘The Troubles’ which raged around me in my youth. Conflicts don’t always occur in the outside world, they also occur internally. We don’t always know what is right and we struggle for the answers that sometimes ‘just aren’t there’ – and that led me on a journey into the soul.”

Sophie Rasmussen, artist and cultural entrepreneur originally from Denmark, has worked with Fox on the visual part of the project. Along side the album they developed an idea of Fox’s which led to the production of the short film Lost Commandos. The film explores a never-ending cycle of violence; an eerie and gritty urban story about four front-line combatants caught in a (mind)trap. Where End of the War offers a resolution – a positive ending, Lost Commandos does the opposite. Together they are a reflection on the many complexities of conflicts.

Joby’s album and film are mainly self-financed with some help from online crowdfunding. Generous people from across Europe and as far as Canada pitched in to secure the last stage of the process. Not only does the music reflect a journey, but the creation of it was indeed a journey in itself.

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