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UNESCO 'Arts for Peace'

Performing at the opening ceremony of UNESCO’s International ‘Arts for Peace’ Festival in May 2014 in Hong Kong, and a frequent contributor to the Irish Echo’s annual ‘New York New Belfast’ conference, Joby is one of a kind; the authentic voice from a ‘new’ Belfast. Based on his experiences growing up in West Belfast in the darkest days, his work reflects the journey to a more peaceful mindset.

Joby has in the past year been involved in the discourse on reconcilliation and identity in Northern Ireland, using his music and film to engage and spark dialogue, often with people who can otherwise be difficult to reach. He has travelled as far as the Golan Heights with his End of the War show. Joby has appeared live on BBC’s current affairs show The Nolan Show and has written for the renowned political correspondent Eamonn Mallie’s blog.

Press Release, 21st April 2014:

Northern Ireland still shines a light for peace and hope

Joby Fox will be representing that spirit at UNESCO’s international Arts & Peace Festival in Hong Kong, 4th May.

Joby has been invited by the UN to perform at the opening ceremony of the frist International Arts for Peace Festival. The event is part of UNESCO’s International Arts Education Week, and a two-month long festival celebration of the valuable role the arts play in peacebuiling.

“A lot of people still look at this part of the world as a success story bringing about a peaceful settlement to the recent conflict, but we all know that there are still unresolved issues, such as trauma, and the thorny issue of reconcilliation. My show talks about identity and the conflict from a purely human point of view.”

Joby’s End of the War show was launched two years ago in Stormont and has travelled extensively since, to Europe, America and as far as the Golan Heights on the Syrian border. The show is about reconcilliation and coming to terms with both inner and outer conflicts.


The festival brings together peacebuilders, artists and researchers from across the world. It builds on the “Peace for All” vision to foster an awareness of peace and education through the powerful processes and practices of the arts.

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