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‘The Crossing’ on BBC NI

Just seen the trailer for BBC 'True North' which will show next Monday night. I was already off on a Mope fest. Fair play to Ben and Sam Jones for your conviction to the Crisis. I recall Sam calling us at the start of the crisis and asking where are we going to be at this time and that day and could they film us etc.. I remember just saying, I have no idea. How would we know? He was cool. There were so many media calls and questions at that time but Sam and Ben stuck at it and we finally said, “if you want to follow and don't get in the way, then ok”. My god they worked for it. To me they will always be part of the RR crew. I'm mindful of others who may not have had a mention in the documentary. I know you all. I will never forget you. Like JP (an early volunteer) going around giving biscuits to the new and very traumatised arrivals. A simple but poignant act of kindness, he did so with a smile, no words no drama. All the volunteers that have gone through our ranks. My own brother Peter Fox and all those people who give so generously to the cause of saving lives you all deserve praise.

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