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Aisling Award

To say I’m delighted to have won the Aisling Awards Roll of Honour is an understatement. Last night I went to perform at the Aisling Awards but I was taken by surprise !! Thank you all for making me feel special and appreciated. I want to thank Jude Bennett, Michael Cecil, Richard Heard, Michael McCurley, Fra and so many other people for their work and conviction to Refugee Rescue and all of you who volunteer and support the endeavour. To all of you that supported Folktown and my music over the years, but a very special thanks to my friend and the rock of my life Sophie Rasmussen. Without you Soph I would not be the man I am today. At this time I am mindful of those who lost their lives in the Aegean sea fleeing war and suffering and as long as I live I won’t forget the total injustice of their loss. Tonight I say thank you Belfast.

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