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When is enough enough?

WTF ! Is going on? Another person wasted (shot) here in Belfast in front of his 11 year old child and partner. Now I have no idea what the back story is or even if there is one, but is there ever a time or and excuse for this type of act in a civilised society?

I don’t know, but I know this much. In 1981 I stood over the dead body of 19 year old Raymond Devlin, a person I grew up with and as the saying goes he was no angel, but having been assassinated/murdered lying in the street in West Belfast with 11 bullets in his body, it was no response to a guy I’m convinced had Asperger’s or some kind of mental condition.

I have seen over my lifetime many a gangster change their ways when they have children, when they are allowed to grow up because being human is something we have to learn sometimes. I myself was the victim of a mistaken identity punishment beating. So I know first hand the callous nature of these acts. I was dragged up an alley, beaten unconscious, pistol-whipped and these four grown men fractured my skull three times. I had displaced muscles in my back, which I’m still struggling whit to this day. I was told afterwards that these guys were cleared to shoot me in the head if they thought it was necessary. The guy they thought they had had already been kneecapped a year before. So you can imagine what the next level of punishment was. I still shutter when I hear others getting these so called punishment beatings.

I have been involved in and I am currently supporting initiatives which is trying to rout this insanity out of our culture. When is enough enough? Is it when some taxi driver makes the wrong remark to some self appointed judge and jury type and ends up dead leaving a wife and children behind? Because that has already happened 2 years ago. And what of it now? Shooting someone is a pretty final act. We don’t have the death penalty here and for a good reason.

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