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Imagine! Brexit artist in residence

David Boyd, who is a real good friend and great supporter of arts and culture here in Belfast, asked me to be artist in residence for the [Art in Trouble] European seminar which is part of the Imagine! Festival in Belfast. I was asked to write a song about Brexit and some of the themes emerging at the seminar. It just so happened to coincide with the original Leave date, 29th March.

I’ve written the song now, and I’m really happy with it. Its quite tongue in cheek, - but it would have to be considering the subject.. I’m performing with my band at the Oh Yeah Centre tonight as the grand finale of the seminar. I’m playing along with the great Una McCann and Willie Drennan and a host of other talented musicians. Nothing makes me happier than to collaborate and cross-pollinate with different musical genres and styles.

Thanks David!

Brexit Sing Song | Oh Yeah Centre | Belfast | 8:30pm - 1am | Tickets £10

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