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Give Me Peace single release

Give Me Peace is the first single from my EP 'This World Is Crazy'. It’s a selection of songs which seem to go well together and tell a story so it was time to put them out.

Give Me Peace is a song inspired by a friendship which has developed over the years with an ex-British soldier now peace activist. It talks about walls going up and the aspiration of peaceful Summers.

Give Me Peace is released online on all the usual outlets on 18th Dec 2019. BUT you can also support me as an artist directly and download now via

This World Is Crazy EP is out March 2020.

Happy Christmas!

Joby Fox

About the EP:

Joby Fox has created a soul-full masterpiece, This World Is Crazy on release March 2020, to follow his Woodstock EP and the beautiful and hard-hitting End of the War album. The latest songs were created as a response to becoming a father again in the midst of a world which seems to have gone mad. The songs were put together during a stay in the Byrdcliffe Art Colony in the mountains above Woodstock, New York. Holding his beautiful baby boy in his arms safely at home in between working on the beach in Lesbos saving lives of refugees, sparked a shocking roller-coaster ride with highs and lows. The song This World Is Crazy was directly born out of this - remembering what life is really all about, and reflecting on our own journeys in life. The renowned artist Gerry Gleason gave Joby the perfect image for the EP, the painting Voyage of Dreams

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