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Chase the 'Brexit Blues' away

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

”We’re in trouble,

so get your coat and shovel.

We’ll bury Brexit

On the border tonight.”

New satirical song, Brexit Blues from renowned Irish artist Joby Fox. Recorded in his European exile in Jutland, Denmark with young Danish jazz musicians, he has hit a fun but serious nerve as tensions rise around Brexit.

Joby, whilst being a renowned and celebrated songwriter with UK/Irish hits under his belt, he couldn’t resist having a satirical go at some of the nonsense and contradictions around the Brexit debate.

“We’re all going the one way,

And everybody’s on that mystery trip.

Ahhhh let’s just face it,

Everybody’s just talking s..t.”

Locked down in Denmark with the Danish side of his family the song laments the years of uncertainty living with the seemingly intractable issue of the Irish and British sea and land borders.

Brexit Blues is on general release 7th Oct 2020.


Joby Fox is a native of Belfast, Ireland, and a songwriter, scriptwriter, composer and performer. Joby Fox is known as an authentic artistic voice of post- conflict Ireland, and as a humanitarian activist, both home and abroad. Joby has a long history in music from the Punk era with The Bankrobbers, mentored by Rory Gallagher’s band, to UK/Ireland chart topping with his Celtic rock band Energy Orchard, and to his solo career as a crafty writer and performer.

Although love is the drive there is much more to Joby's songwriting than love songs. His often hard hitting and honest words have paved the way for difficult conversations around conflict, identity and reconciliation. A diverse artist with his roots firmly in Irish soil he has been involved in great international and local initiatives as an advocate for peace. His End of the War show opened the inaugural UN Peace Festival in Hong Kong in 2014.

In 2016 he was musical director of the Orchestre des Refugies et Amis fusing his contemporary Irish songwriting with global roots music. In 2017 he received the prestigious Aisling Award in Belfast for his music and his humanitarian work.

In 2018 he intensified the songwriting and has refined his craft; helped along by a productive and inspiring artist residency in Byrdcliffe, Woodstock, NY. He continues to write, collaborate and perform.

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