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Tune in to my basement radio show

'Joby's Music Junk Yard' - There is nothing worse than a player not playing. As it says in that famous Fleetwood Mac song, ‘players only love you when they are playing’. At this moment I can’t be out performing music. The closest thing to getting my kicks is doing my radio show, Joby's Music Junk Yard. And it helps. I’m really enjoying spinning tracks of some of my favourite artists and bands which I have picked up and discovered over the years. There is so much music when you consider that I’ve been in the music business for 40 years now! Its a real buzz being able to share that with you, my listening audience. If you haven’t heard the show yet I recommend you tune in. The shows are weekly and last about 45 mins. I play both popular and world music, sometimes obscure. Upbeat, joyful and curious. Enjoy!

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