'Charlie Chicken' DEMO Children's SongsJoby Fox
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'Little Crocodile' DEMO Children's SongsJoby Fox
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'ROAR!' DEMO Children's SongsJoby Fox
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A selection of songs that I'm currently working on with the band. On this recording from Hideout Studios in Aalborg is Aske Stubkjær Madsen (drums), Mark Kuhn (bass), Nikolaj Svaneborg (piano)  and Freja Wurtz (backing vocal)

Hookfisher is a new initiative from songwriter, musical director and hitmaker Joby Fox. Its about creating quality bespoke soundscapes for advertising, film, TV, online platforms and games. Joby works from his studios in Ireland and Denmark.

Joby has been working on a series of children's songs. They are at recording stage. He is currently looking for animations to go along with the release.

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