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From Woodstock, With Love.. 50 years late x

I was recently in Woodstock USA where I started to write and record my second album. I had a lot of stuff written already but I wanted to take a few weeks in the Catskill Mountains to hook up with my old friend Steve Earle and some jazz heads that I know from that part of the world. The craic was good. I did an open mic to try out a few new tunes. That was great fun, in The Colony, the great venue in the famous Woodstock, NY. Peace & Love. We were also laying down some preparation for coming back to gig in early 2019. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm hoping to release 'I Love You' early next year in the North Eastern sea board, and we are arranging gigs to coincide with that.

I thought I would record this song, 'Peace In Our Time' for my good friend Glenn Bradley, originally from the Shankill Road in Belfast. It was on the village green in Woodstock where the great and good meet, play or protest. It was early in the morning but the temperatures were already well over 30degrees.. Woodstock doubled up as a good family get-away as I had my partner Sophie and our son Ruairi with me. We were in the famous Byrdcliffe Arts Colony for most of the time and we met some incredible people.

Next time I'm doing this song in public will be at a gig in East Belfast at the Eastside Arts Festival with Stuart Bailie, Ursula Burns and Anthony Toner on 12th August.


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