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Joby Fox Danish tour with 'Pligten Kalder'

Sophie got a visit from a Danish journalist, Torben Steno a while back. He is very interested in Brexit and asked Sophie to explain the Northern Irish situation (in Danish - no better person..).

Torben and I spent some time together in Belfast, great talks and walks, but I never realised he was a great songwriter and musician also, until I got a call and was invited to join his band 'Pligten Kalder' on their Danish tour. The venues were sold out. Listening to the music, jazzy tunes which would remind you of Tom Waits, and Sophie's careful translation of their hilarious lyrics, I can see why.. It was an amazing experience. I haven't played in Denmark for over 25 years. Last time was Roskilde Festival with Energy Orchard. The Danes love music and storytelling. Turns out every little town has at least one music association with very passionate volunteers and great programming, and very well-run venues. I put together this wee video to try and sum it up. I'm hoping to bring Torben and his band 'Pligten Kalder' to Belfast - if they can play in Poland with live translation on stage, they can do Belfast too!

I'm back in Belfast now rehearsing with my band for 8th March release gig in Clayton Hotel. I'm very pleased to be part of the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival this year. Supporting this festival is a great way to keep our music and original songwriters alive and thriving.

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